ReDroue is a southern bread hip hop artist from Houston Texas. His storytelling and reality rap style brings a dynamic sound and a voice to the hip hop industry. 

At the age of 5, ReDroue passion for performing began in elementary school when he would perform in the school programs and talent shows. His passion for music grew by listening to hip hop music on the radio when riding in the back seat of his mother’s car. In middle school during his lunch period ReDroue would freestyle for his friends and his friends would say boy you dope keep flowing. So, every lunch 
period ReDroue would draw a crowd when he freestyles. Sports was also an outlet for ReDroue, playing little league football and basketball in high school. Playing sports would become a great addition for ReDroue music career because he would learn hard work, dedication and adversity to achieve greatness. 

In high school ReDroue enrolled into the theater arts program. This would be one of the most pivotal moves that he would make to show his talent in another area of entertainment. He took acting very seriously and would thrive in the class by landing one of the key roles in the school play. After receiving 
great reviews from the play ReDroue knew that music and acting would be his destiny in life. 

His senior year in high school, his love for music and acting was tremendously high to where it prompted him to approach the head coach to inform him the he would not be playing basketball his senior year to pursuit his music and acting career. He knew the road to success in entertainment would not be an easy task but he was ready for the sacrifice it took to be great. 

A family friend had a studio and ReDroue started working on his first single “Chances” which he received a lot of positive feedback for the record, which lead him to shoot his first video for the song. He returned to school and shared his song/video with his friends. Around this time, ReDroue started a 
getting a following from fans who wanted more of his music. ReDroue storytelling and reality rap style is a smooth malicious vocabulary with a dynamic vocal tone that fans are drawn too and love. 

His music influences are 2Pac, Drake, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Kanye West & Travis Scott. ReDroue will deliver great music created by him and won’t disappoint his fans on his creativity and love for music.