Jahidi Isaish Roquemore aka "ReDroue" was born in Houston, Texas on August 1997. ReDroue is a hip-hop recording artist songwriter & actor. 

At the age of 5, ReDroue's father owned a studio and during that time he would always be around the music. His dad work with multiple artists and also produced music for their label "Hadd Tu Records." ReDroue's passion for performing began at an early age. In elementary school, he would perform in talent shows & school programs. nevertheless, with his passion for music wasn't there yet. 

In 2007, ReDroue began playing football with little a little league team called "The Bengal's." In 2008, he played for little league team called “The Seahawks”& in the following season of 2009-2010 he played for “The East Bethel Cowboys” where they won back to back superbowls. 

In the summer of 2010, ReDroue began playing basketball. His father would take him to basketball courts, gyms and parks so he could play against opponents & work on his game. In 2011, he tried out for his middle school basketball team, unfortunately, he was cut from the team, however, and that did not stop him from trying out again. During the time, ReDroue’s passion for music started to grow, he later performed in a talent show with another friend of hos and they both won first prize. Later, at the age of 13, ReDroue began writing music and also had an interest for acting. 

In the summer of 2012, ReDroue would begin his fearless training to become a better basketball player, where he would learn hard work, dedication and adversity to achieve greatness. Also, he would work out 3-4 hours a day. 

During his time at Marshal High School, ReDroue tried out for the basketball team, due to his preparation and hard work he made the team. He played for Marshall from 2012-2014, ReDroue transferred to “Dulles High School” because of their strong “Theatre Arts Program,” where he landed a lead role in the school’s play called “Almost Maine” and also was key player on the basketball team. After his performance in the school play. ReDroue’s passion for acting & music grew stronger than ever. 

The beginning of ReDroue’s senior year, his love for music and acting was tremendously high to where it prompted him to approach the head coach to inform him the he would not be playing basketball his senior year. 

ReDroue recorded his first single “Chances” and he received a lot of positive feedback, which lead him to shoot his first video for the song. 

He returned to school and shared his song/video with his friends. Around this time, ReDroue started a major following, and fans wanted more of his music. 

ReDroue started his own music & entertainment group called “Kobra Klique Entertainment” while being an artist and learning the music industry under the label “Hadd Tu Records.” 

ReDroue will change the game with his own style & sound as well as having his own style of fashion. He’s no stranger of having fun or expressing himself with his music. 

ReDroue’s music inflences are 2Pac, Drake, Lil Wayne, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Kanye West & Travis Scott. 

ReDroue will deliver great music created by him and won’t disappoint his fans on his creativity and love for music.